# Configuration

The plugin contains some configuration settings which you may find useful. If you wish to request some additional settings you can put a feature request

# Email Verification

Enable this option if you would like to verify subscriptions using emails.

# Key Expires in (Days)

Enter the number of days after which the key will be expired. Available only when Verify via Email is enabled.

# Verification Page

The page to redirect the user when the subscription is successful. Once the subscription is verified there is a message embedded automatically in the session you can use the flash twig component on the page to output the message.


title = "Account"
url = "/account/:code?"
layout = default

redirect = "home"
paramCode = "code"

<div class="container m-a">
    {% flash success %}
    <div class="alert alert-success">{{ message }}</div>
    {% endflash %}
    {% component 'account' %}