User Connect - Plugin for OctoberCMS

Open Source Plugin to Manage Subscriptions on your website

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Cater Verified Users Only!

Enabling "verify via email" toggle in the settings page allows you to filter spam users and only serve the verified ones.

Efficiently Manage Outgoing Traffic

Websites containing more than one subscription segments can create categories for each segment using the plugin. Visitors to the website can only subscribe to segments which they are interested in.

Useful Graphs and Charts

The subscription dashboard of the user connect plugin provides a birds-eye view of your current subscription base. The subscription graphs provides a visualization of the number of users subscribing each day. This graph can be helpful to monitor your current performance and also predict your future trends.

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# About

The user-connect helps you manage your email subscription list. You can now easily add a subscription segment to your octoberCMS website.

# Requirements

  • PHP 7.4+
  • October Build 464+
  • Git, of course